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Titan Gilroy, Titans of CNC, will be our lunch speaker on Tuesday, December 4 at 12:00pm.

Sponsored by:  NCDMM & NTMA


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Titan Gilroy


TITAN GILROY is CEO of TITANS of CNC, an advanced production facility based in Rocklin, CA and a revolutionary online CNC Academy. Some of TITAN's clients include aerospace companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin, as well as other specialized industries. He also produced and starred in the reality series TITANS of CNC (Monday nights on MAVTV).

TITAN's story is one of extraordinary circumstances. He's lived a life of homelessness on the beaches of Maui, spent time behind bars, and fought back to build his own CNC machine shop. TITAN shared his story of hope and perseverance with a national television audience. Then, in the third season of the show, his life took another incredible turn. TITAN went into San Quentin Prison, built an Elite CNC Academy, and flipped rehabilitation on its head. It was because of this experience that TITAN developed the FREE TITANS of CNC: Academy Curriculum which is used in diverse training applications including: Educational Institutions, Prison Rehabilitation, Workforce Development, Company Training, Trade Schools, Private User groups, Personal Learning, and many more.

Today, TITAN is not only an expert in CNC Machining but has become the world's leading advocate for the future of Manufacturing Education.

San Quentin Prison

Over the course of two years, Titan and team created a program behind the walls of San Quentin Prison. This program was the genesis of TITANS of CNC: Academy. Through the process, we created a curriculum to teach inmates how to make real parts that they would encounter on the outside. Therefore, allowing them to get a good paying job and not return to prison.

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Rocklin High School

Rocklin was the first school to adopt our curriculum. Their program has thrived and as I mentioned, there is a waiting list to be a part of next years class. It is the talk of the school and now an example to schools all around the State. The Director of the CTE (California Technical Education) and even government officials bring visitors to the school to illustrate the possibilities of a CNC program. CTE has also made plans to formalize a bill (going through legislation) that would make our curriculum a requirement for CTE programs all throughout the state. An incredible honor!

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Titanium Lion

Beyond all of the work around our curriculum and expanding CNC Education, we also want to get people excited about the trade! The Titanium Lion video does just that. It shows the potential of what can be done on these machines, shows practical examples, and inspires viewers to take on their own challenges.

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