Call for Abstracts - Tracks

Government, Industry, and academia are encouraged to participate. If you wish to form your own panel discussion, we would be glad to facilitate your needs. Please click on the track topics listed below to thoroughly review the requirements of each track, and determine which track the abstract or panel/training proposal best fits. Please be sure to submit abstracts and/or panel/training proposals within the appropriate track using the links on this page. Abstracts and panel/training proposals should be 200-500 words in length. Do not attempt to submit abstracts or panel/training proposals through any other means. Submitted abstracts will be rated based on clarity, value added to the conference, and how well the topic fits within the track. Abstracts should be public releasable and contain no proprietary information. Please note that the conference planning team may determine that an abstract or panel/training proposal best fits in a track other that what was originally selected by the author.

Listed below are the tracks for more detailed information.


  • Obsolescence Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • Proactive planning, process implementation, part monitoring, data analysis, and resolution implementation are all necessary to mitigate the impacts of DMSMS and obsolescence in efforts to reduce negative impacts on schedule, costs, and readiness.
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  • Innovations in DMSMS Management and Solutions
  • The "Innovations in DMSMS Management and Solutions" Technical Session will cover new and evolving technologies and advancements available to DMSMS practitioners' to leverage in implementing DMSMS solutions.
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  • Technical Data
  • Proactive DMSMS management requires data to be effective. Data are needed to select the items to be monitored from a risk-based perspective, monitor the at-risk items and forecast when obsolescence will occur,
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  • Counterfeit Parts and Materials Prevention and Detection
  • Proactive planning, part monitoring, and resolution implementation are all necessary to mitigate the risks and impacts of counterfeit parts and materials from entering the DoD Supply Chain.
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  • Technology Refresh
  • Technology Refresh is the process of replacing software and hardware to preemptively prevent the effects of obsolescence.
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  • Parts Management Success Stories and Lessons Learned
  • The DoD Parts Management Program is an integral part of the acquisition process for design, development, modification and sustainment of weapons systems and equipment.
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  • Training
  • The committee is seeking training abstracts that can enhance the technical session tracks.
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  • Poster Session
  • Poster sessions provide an opportunity to share research in a forum other than a workshop setting.
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