Counterfeit Parts and Materials Prevention and Detection

Leads: Ms. Michelle Trotto, Title, Office
Mr. Jason Mokbel, Title, Office

Proactive planning, part monitoring, and resolution implementation are all necessary to mitigate the risks and impacts of counterfeit parts and materials from entering the DoD Supply Chain. This track will discuss best practices and lessons learned in these areas. Presentations are sought from individuals who are Counterfeit Prevention and Detection subject matter experts.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Risk Identification Methodologies
  • Risk Management
  • Communication and Reporting
  • Physical Inspection and Testing
  • Training
  • Parts Management
  • Contract Language
  • Indicators of Counterfeit Mechanical Parts and Materials
  • Indicators of Counterfeit Electronic Parts and Materials
  • Quality Assurance

*Note - As with all of the technical session abstracts, if it appears that a topic is instructional in nature and would benefit from more time to develop the subject, that topic may be selected for a training session either during the Monday training sessions or in a training track in the mid-week technical sessions and be given an hour to present it.