Collaboration as a Key to Success

Leads: , Lead Project Manager, Kansas City National Security Campus (816)488-2726 , President, Ability Worldwide Inc. (410)570-5123

The DMSMS community must collaborate to share experience and knowledge to facilitate successful, cost-effective, and efficient resolutions. The combined effects of life extension of defense platforms, delays in development of new defense systems, as well as cancellation of new programs, systems and platforms further underscores the need for collaboration to meet the challenges and maintain warfighter effectiveness and mission readiness.

Abstracts are requested for this topic that describe and document many of the processes and associated successes and challenges faced by the community in providing DMSMS solutions, including, but not limited to:

  • Use of collaboration to develop agile and quick response solutions to maintain and improve readiness
  • Technical successes achieved through collaboration
  • Schedule improvements achieved through collaboration
  • Cost savings achieved through collaboration
  • Use of collaboration to obtain DMSMS solutions
  • Improvements in processes and capacity through collaboration
  • Use of collaboration to overcome cultural challenges
  • Any relevant combination of the above listed topics