Technical Data

Lead: Mr. Sam Gaudry, Title, Office

Proactive DMSMS management requires data to be effective. Data are needed to:

  • Select the items to be monitored from a risk-based perspective
  • Monitor the at-risk items and forecast when obsolescence will occur
  • Assess the impact of known and predicted obsolescence
  • Develop recommendations to resolve DMSMS issues

Three categories of data are needed to achieve these objectives—indentured BOMs/parts lists, supportability/configuration management information, and technical data such as maintenance/repair manuals and drawings. This technical session track will focus on all of these in terms of how to obtain the data, how to develop the data if it was not obtained directly or there are errors or omissions in it, how to use the data, and associated intellectual property rights considerations.

*Note - As with all of the technical session abstracts, if it appears that a topic is instructional in nature and would benefit from more time to develop the subject, that topic may be selected for a training session either during the Monday training sessions or in a training track in the mid-week technical sessions and be given an hour to present it.