New and Innovative Solutions for DMSMS

Lead: , Technical Fellow, Honeywell Inc. (602)231-4333

The "New and Innovative Solutions for DMSMS" Technical Track will cover new and evolving technologies and advancements available to DMSMS practitioners' to leverage in implementing DMSMS solutions. Topics include but are not limited to: new DMSMS software methods, metals Additive Manufacturing for sustainment and obsolescence hardware manufacturing, new prototyping advancements in polymeric materials, printed sand molds and cores for short run sand casting production, new technologies for Reverse Engineering mechanical and creating 3D models, advanced IC electronic obsolescence replacement strategies, new rapid tooling/fixtures production methodologies and technologies for Reverse Engineering electronic components such as IC's and other electronic components. This Technical Session will present these new software methodologies and technology advancements providing descriptions of the technologies and also practical examples of each technologies use in solving DMSMS issues.