Innovative Obsolescence Management Strategies

Lead: , DMSMS Lead, Naval Surface Warfare Center (805)794-2140

The goals of a successful DMSMS program are to monitor parts in a proactive environment and provide timely notifications of obsolescence to the customer. However, the overarching process is much more intricate and the complexity of managing a robust DMSMS program is largely underestimated. There are many other competencies required both for understanding and for managing a successful obsolescence program. This track will provide an overview of some of the innovative system engineering approach strategies that can be applied to enhance, evaluate and sustain a program. Contracting, programming & budgeting, and readiness all have a direct impact on a DMSMS program and how business is conducted. Successful DMSMS management should encompass all of these areas. Understanding the extensive functional roles that an obsolescence program needs to interface with will help to stream-line processes and allow for inputs that will increase efficiencies. These strategies are not just for DMSMS personnel managing the day-to-day case work, but also for Project Offices and Industry use. Shifting beyond the traditional solutions will ensure a program is leveraging all available resources and will provide time and cost savings.