Obsolescence Management Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Leads: , OSD DMSMS Lead, Defense Standardization Program Office (703)767-1415
, DMSMS GEM Program Manager, DLA Land & Maritime (614)692-5382

Proactive planning, process implementation, part monitoring, data analysis, and resolution implementation are all necessary to mitigate the impacts of DMSMS and obsolescence in efforts to reduce negative impacts on schedule, costs, and readiness. This track will discuss best practices and lessons learned in these areas. Presentations are sought from individuals who are DMSMS subject matter experts knowledgeable in planning and execution of proactive DMSMS management throughout the lifecycle.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • DMSMS Policy
  • DMSMS Management Planning
  • DMSMS Program Implementation
  • Parts Research, Monitoring, and Surveillance
  • Designing for Supportability
  • Software Obsolescence Considerations
  • DMSMS Program Infrastructure
  • Impact Assessments and Data Intelligence
  • DMSMS Data Sharing and Commonality
  • Resolution Determination and Implementation
  • Technology Roadmap / Refresh Plans
  • Counterfeit Mitigation Strategies
  • Developing workforce DMSMS competencies
  • DMSMS and Engineering Technical Reviews
  • DMSMS and Logistics Assessments
  • Contract Language for DMSMS Support
  • DMSMS Programming and Budgeting
  • Incentives for Government and Industry
  • DMSMS Metrics