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We are the primary source of DMSMS electronic components and supply chain solutions with an ever-expanding inventory. Our substantial experience in identifying end of life product enables us to offer our clients customized and unique solutions such as: • Implementing long-term supply agreements • Providing product substitution/reverse engineering options • Bonding inventory from our 900,000+ line items • Accessing our exclusive network of OEM residual inventory • Consigning residual inventory from our customers to recreate demand The net result for our customers is that they have the product they require when they need it and at the right price for their program requirements. Resion is a CCAP, DLA QSLD (Quality Suppliers List of Distributors) and QTSL (Qualified Testing Supplier List) certified distributor. In addition, Resion is certified by ANAB to AS9120, AS6081, ISO 9001 and ESD S20-20.