The DEFORM ® system is ''state of the art'' process simulation software for metal forming, thermal processing and material modeling. Applications include cold forming, forging, rolling, extrusion, stamping, heat treatment, machining and mechanical joining. Engineers use it to predict, shape, defects, stress, temperature, loads, tool life, microstructure, distortion and more. An alternative to shop trials, simulation is critical to product development or process optimization. Defense suppliers have used DEFORM to improve ammunition, ordinance, weapons, aircraft, land vehicles and naval vessels. Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation (SFTC) develops the DEFORM system and participates in a range of industrial and government projects. Its founders had developed the ALPID program, for the U.S. Air Force, while at Battelle Memorial Institute. ALPID was the first practical FEM-based simulation tool, with an industrial user base, for metal forming.