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PROSTEP is the leading vendor-independent PLM consultant for the discrete manufacturing industry. As experts in designing and optimizing your internal and cross-enterprise development processes, PROSTEP helps you leverage integrated, end-to-end information flow throughout all phases of the product lifecycle. Our core suite of products include: OpenPDM which enables you to connect, migrate, and/or integrate PLM data with other systems. OpenDXM GlobalX is the industry standard for secure data exchange sending large CAD files between suppliers and vendors. Watch a demo of OpenDXM GlobalX secure data exchange through versatile user interfaces including PDM integrations, robot/gateway/OFTP, iOS App, Web Browser, Outlook Integration, Windows explorer, and Windows ''send to''function. PDF Generator 3D where integrated 3D PDF generation is created directly into your PLM or ERP systems. Grab a hands on demo of 3D PDF functionality with sample 3D PDFs containing animation, PMI, and more.