LSP Technologies, Inc. is the world's premiere Laser Peening production services provider; operating an AS9100/ISO9001 accredited Laser Peening production facility. Our Laser Peening production equipment: The Procudo ® Laser Peening System, is a high-powered, high-pulse-rate, turn-key production system designed for rapid integration into manufacturing processes. Procudo ® LSP Systems can be customized to meet specific production requirements, and include a license to LSPT's intellectual property along with training, ongoing equipment service, and long-term technical support. LSP Technologies also offers an innovative nondestructive method for evaluating adhesive bond strength. Laser Bond Inspection (LBI) utilizes laser-generated stress waves to interrogate adhesive bonds at selected strength values. LBI can detect weak bonds, kissing bonds, and variations in bond strength, and can perform nondestructive inspections on bonded composite structures.