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Janicki Industries is a privately owned, full-service engineering and manufacturing company with facilities in Washington and Utah. Janicki specializes in manufacturing parts, prototypes and tools made of advanced composite materials and metals across all industries including Aerospace, Marine, Energy, Military, Space, Transportation and Architecture. Janicki is fully capable of building your largest projects utilizing large-scale facilities, high precision 5-Axis mills (200'X20'), large autoclave (12'X50'), 1,100 ton press non-destructive inspection equipment and large annealing oven. We have extensive experience using many composite systems such as: syntactic putty; 160F machined putty; 250F carbon/fiberglass hybrid molds; 350F Carbon, Invar and Steel molds. This 100% in-house capability for the total tooling and parts solution enables a one-stop, lean enterprise solution. Give us your difficult challenges.