ScanCAD is a global provider of low-cost, scanner-based systems since 1990 with customers in 48 countries: PCB REVERSE ENGINEERING: Re-create Gerber, Drill, Net List, CAD & schematics from existing films/boards with exact form, fit & function. Supports both destructive (delamination) & non-destructive (FPT and CT-Scan) solutions. Fully calibrated using an included NIST certified glass calibration plate. INSPECTION & MEASUREMENT: 100% inspection & measurement of stencils/screens, bare PCBs, balls, solder paste, adhesive, LTCC, wire bonds, holes & photo tools. Supports Failure Analysis, Counterfeit PCB and Foreign Object Detection(FOD). Compare to Gerber/CAD data & golden board. PROCESS MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Dynamic blend of Process Control and Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) products including the #1 ranked Paperless Work Instruction Software in the world since 2009. Supports full product traceability, interactive trouble-shooting assistance, multi-language support and much more.