Operating under Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs) with the Department of the Army, Consortium Management Group,Inc. provides a cost-effective and collaborative acquisition alternative to the FAR for its members seeking to do business with the Federal Government, and for rapid acquisition across the DoD of innovative technologies in support of the Warfighter through its consortia, one focused on energy, the environment and demilitarization; and the other on C4ISR and cyberspace. Together, Consortium for Energy, Environment and Demilitarization (CEED) and Consortium for Command, Control and Communications in Cyberspace (C5) have more than 800 members and have facilitated nearly $1 billion in project awards to date, providing a wide range of technologies for government customers. CEED and C5 offer a range of opportunities in their domains, including manufacturing, materials science and information technologies, releasing Government requirements to members throughout the year.