Blocnets The complex structure of defense supply chains creates vulnerabilities and risks. Blocnets securely digitizes multi-tier, extended supply chains using Blockchain technology. The U.S. Government has confirmed its commitment to Blockchain as a means to increase security. Blocnets apps provide an immutable pedigree of an item moving through the supply chain, a history of shipping and receiving, and secure exchange of data and flowdown of requirements. The Blocnets apps include a remotely installed on-boarding app and apps for shipping, receiving, and requirements receipt and acceptance. The Blocnets apps are supported by a set of persistent, real-time analytical modules that monitor the Blockchain data. These apps issue real-time alerts upon detecting unusual or unexpected data or occurrences. By its very nature, Blockchain based Blocnets provides exceptional cyber protection for your supply chain data. Please visit booth 331 for a demonstration of Blocnets deployment.