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Merlin Embedded is an engineering design firm specializing in the development of drop-in replacements for obsolete products. We take the user's manual for the obsolete product and use this as our design specification. We can typically provide an evaluation unit is 4-5 months. The new Merlin Embedded product is designed so that it works with the customer's existing software and cabling. No changes are required by the customer. The customer's obsolescence problem literally becomes our problem. Once we start work, the customer is not required to expend any further time or resource until we have the evaluation unit ready to ship. The customer's involvement is to simply spend a few days testing the evaluation unit. There is no risk to the customer. Even in cases where we have NRE charges, Merlin Embedded does not submit an invoice until the evaluation unit is signed off by the customer. We guarantee support for the new product for 15 years.