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5ME brings a proven suite of capabilities to industry, focused on increasing customers' manufacturing efficiency as a means of building profitable, competitive, and sustainable businesses. 5ME addresses five critical components - the five ''M's''of Man, Material, Machines, Methods, and Money - to improve a manufacturing enterprise's efficiency (the ''E''). 5ME ® Cryogenic Machining Technology - a system delivering liquid nitrogen (LN2) through a machine tool in lieu of traditional coolants and cooling the cutting tool internally down to -321 ° F. The benefits of which include significant improvements to Performance (speed & tool life), Part Quality, and Sustainability (green machining) Freedom eLOG ® - an IIoT manufacturing efficiency platform that connects with any industrial asset and collects critical manufacturing data in real time. A modular and scalable software package, Freedom is capable of generating reports and analytics for optimization of machine health, process health, and OEE