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Aurora Semiconductor is a US-based pure-play packaging foundry specializing in FOWLP using our Heterogeneous System in Package (HSiP) technology and offering related die preparation and die recovery services. With HSiP, we offer a scalable wafer-based solution for improved miniaturization of electronic assemblies while providing the most densely packed electrical interconnectivity available state-side from a foundry. Our HSiP devices can further be stacked in a variety of ways to allow integrations not previously contemplated by designers. With our patented die recovery services, customers can achieve high quality and reliable re-use of integrated circuits as their path through the electronic component obsolescence market. We deliver all our solutions through a world-class U.S. ecosystem of strategic partners including design, development, manufacturing, assembly, test, and analytical services. Aurora is a DMEA Trusted Accredited Supplier, ITAR compliant, and ISO 9001:2008 certified.