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Nov 28-Dec 1, 2016, Denver

Lead Retrieval (SecureLead™)

Secure LeadAgain for 2016, the lead retrieval system will be offered to all exhibitors as part of the rental fee. As in the past, this system has been beneficial and helped with capturing new contacts to increase customer base.

Each registrant for the 2016 DMSMS Conference will register with the basic information of address, telephone number, email, etc. Badges will be electronically produced along with a lead retrieval QR Code on the back of the badge. The registrant will wear their badge throughout the exposition. As the attendee visits your booth, you can simply scan their QR code to capture their contact information.

Each exhibitor must have the following capabilities in order to utilize the lead retrieval system:

  • Exhibitors must provide their own smartphone or tablet.
  • Must be able to install an app and have administrative rights to do so (app will be made available to exhibitors prior to the conference to facilitate admin installation)
  • If you do not have a smart phone or tablet, you will be given information on how to rent one.

More detailed information will be disseminated prior to the conference.