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TenCate Advanced Composites is a leading supplier of thermoplastic and thermoset solutions for the Aerospace and Industrial industry. The thermoset composites from TenCate are used on satellites, radomes, unmanned aircraft, general aviation and military aircraft. TenCate also provides thermoset composites in high-end industrial and recreational applications ranging from oil and gas to prosthetics to sporting equipment. We provide thermoset materials with epoxy, BMI, cyanate ester or high-temperature polyimide resin matrices. The TenCate thermoplastic prepregs are known in the industry under the Cetex brand and are found in commercial and military aircraft ranging from structural to interior applications. TenCate provides both thermoplastic prepregs in unitape or fabric form. We offer high-end thermoplastics including PEEK, PPS and PEI, along with a complete line of performance grade thermoplastics for industrial applications including Nylon 6, HDPE, PP, PC/ABS and PET thermoplastic