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CoorsTek is a leading global supplier of engineered technical ceramics with over fifty locations across four continents. CoorsTek manufactures a wide array of high-strength ceramic components for defense, electronics, and aerospace industries, including: - Vehicle, body, and transparent armor - Interlocking armor plating - Microwave components - Optical components - Focal plane arrays - Electronic substrates - Custom ceramic components In our 100+ year history, CoorsTek has engineered over 300 proprietary ceramic compounds, including aluminas, carbides, nitrides, quartz/silicates, yttrias, and zirconias. We also offer application-specific solutions from graphite, rare earths, silicon, metals, and composites. With a dedicated research and development team consisting of over 100 scientists and engineers, CoorsTek is pushing the frontiers of advanced ceramics and materials science. Construction of a new $120M Center for Advanced Materials is currently underway near our global headquarters in Golden, Colorado. With unsurpassed materials expertise, rigid quality standards, and immense manufacturing capabilities, CoorsTek is the partner of choice for major defense and aerospace manufacturers and contractors. To learn more or enquire about a facility tour, visit DMC Booth 411 or