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Industrial Base

The performance of the defense industrial base continues to play a significant role in assuring U.S. national security. The key characteristics of a healthy Defense Industrial Base include Reliable, Affordable, and Sufficient. A Reliable industrial base means suppliers’ ship contracted parts on time and are financially viable for the long term. An affordable industrial base translates into cost effectiveness; suppliers deliver contracted products and services at or below cost targets and maintain an adequate number of competitive suppliers in key and emerging technologies. A sufficient industrial base means that suppliers deliver contracted products and services that meet Department performance requirements and are flexible and react positively and quickly to changes in requirements with the Department during times of conflict. Sufficiency also describes the ability of the IB to meet surge requirements.

However, all these characteristics must be balanced with the business needs of private and public corporations. In some cases, these needs are aligned, and in other cases, DOD needs methods to incentivize industry. The office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Industrial Policy, DUSD-IP is the lead for the Joint Industrial Base Working Group (JIBWG), which provides senior Department decision makers with accurate and timely industrial capability information and analysis to assure the Department can achieve its strategic objectives. At times the JIBWG is tasked to perform industrial and technology assessments, as well as study other topics of interest to the Department. These assessments and their associated recommendations will require action by the DOD in the form of S&T investment, Acquisition Management, or DMSMS mitigation.

This track seeks abstracts dealing with industrial base activities including:

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