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Software, Materials, and Mechanical DMSMS

DMSMS guidance to date has focused predominately on hardware, particularly electronics; however, DoD programs also face obsolescence issues pertaining to software, materials, and mechanical items. Similar to the case for hardware, competitive market forces can lead to DoD’s inability to buy, license, obtain support for, or use software.  Software also presents some unique challenges for DMSMS management, e.g., software items are not always captured automatically in an indentured BOM, software interdependencies can be more complex and less hierarchical than for hardware, etc.  The company producing a material or mechanical item may also go out of business. If raw materials and mechanical items cannot be obtained that meet a program’s cost, schedule and quality constraints, the equipment or components within that DoD system cannot be manufactured either in design or sustainment. Without routinely looking for material and mechanical obsolescence, programs might be unable to anticipate the risks imposed and plan for their most efficient and effective mitigation.

The DMSMS Committee is looking for presentations that will discuss DMSMS best practices, case studies, and lessons learned pertaining to software, materials, and/or mechanical items.  Presentations should help DMSMS practitioners to proactively respond, as appropriate, to software, material, and mechanical item obsolescence in their respective systems. Areas to be considered include (but not limited to):

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