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DMSMS and the Product Support Manager

A program’s product support manager (PSM) is the principal architect of the life cycle sustainment plan (LCSP). The LCSP encompasses a product support strategy, which is the basis for all sustainment efforts, to achieve and sustain warfighter requirements. The LCSP should also take performance based logistics into account by incentivizing support providers to achieve objective support goals. The LCSP is not static. Programs should continuously update and improve their LCSPs by identifying and striving to reach “should cost” targets.

All of these activities are inextricably linked to robust DMSMS management, which includes the effective management of technology to mitigate obsolescence. The product support strategy must change when an item becomes obsolete. The product support strategy must change when an item becomes obsolete. For example repair strategies may be developed when a higher level assembly can no longer be replaced. Reliability and corresponding performance-based targets can be explored as a result of obsolescence-driven technology refreshment. Proactive DMSMS management can be a major contributor to achieve should cost targets by identifying and resolving issues before they have a major cost impact.

The DMSMS Conference planning committee is seeking conference papers that explore the interactions between robust DMSMS management and the PSM. Possible topics include, but are not limited to the following.

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