# 926
IKONICS Advanced Materials Solutions unique Precision Abrasive Machining (PAM) technology provides acoustical sound deadening and weight reduction advantages to composites used in Aerospace, Defense and other industries. PAM can create a diverse array of features in materials such as, but not limited to, carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar®, Borofloat, sapphire, silicon and ceramics. PAM production is done using proprietary and patented technologies. PAM advantages include: - Perforations can be any shape - High precision and repeatability (to within 50 μm) - Does not induce stresses and defects associated with conventional machining processes - Perforations have clean edges (no burrs or fibers) - Can be completed on complex curve parts - Flexible and rapid design changes - Dry process eliminates messy coolants or slurries - No secondary machining processes needed