# 509
5N Plus Semiconductors (formerly Sylarus Technologies) is the premier crystal grower for specialty semiconductor substrates in North America. Our exhibit we will feature a real-life 2m, dislocation-free, single-crystal germanium boule, and we will discuss a variety of epi-ready solutions based on Ge, InSb, GaSb and CZT. Come talk to us about how we can put our rapid execution capability to work for you, and provide wafer technologies tailored to meet your application needs. Located in sunny and picturesque St. George, Utah, 5N Semi is the sole U.S. domestic space-qualified germanium substrate supplier to National Security Space customers, where our germanium wafers are employed in high-efficiency, multi-junction solar cells used on 95% of all U.S. defense and commercial satellites. Beyond Ge, we also offer the world's largest diameter, highest-quality InSb and GaSb substrates for advanced infrared night vision systems and specialty photonics applications.