# 504
With reduced budgets for spares, and a need to increase the usable life of existing parts and subsystems, the need for new materials or coatings with increased wear and corrosion durability is required. While there are many commercially viable methods for depositing thin film coatings, the ability to apply highly durable nanocomposite carbon coatings on a production level has been limited. In cooperation with Army Manufacturing Technology (ManTech), United Protective Technologies, LLC (UPT) has scaled the required equipment and optimized the deposition process for SP3EC™, a non-toxic composite structure consisting of nano-crystalline diamond, amorphous carbon, and metal and/or ceramic components. With this new and novel process, and specialty developed deposition tools, these coatings can be deposited to a precise thickness ranging from a few 100 nanometers (0.000004") to 10 microns (0.0004") for most tribological and IR optical applications.