# 331
5ME is a technology company entirely focused on manufacturing efficiency. Our solution portfolio includes Cryogenic Machining Systems and Manufacturing Efficiency Software. 5ME Cryogenics utilizes Liquid Nitrogen in place of conventional coolants. Benefits include the following: • Faster Processing Speeds • Decreased Tool Wear • Improved Surface Integrity and Part Quality • Environmentally-Friendly Green Manufacturing • Eliminates Purchase, Disposal, Management, & Infrastructure Associated with Flood Coolants • Sustainable Manufacturing • Lower Total Cost of Manufacturing We will be demonstrating the system flowing Liquid Nitrogen through our Demo Spindle. Freedom eWARE is a Suite of Manufacturing Efficiency Software that leverages IIoT and has documented productivity increases of up to 50%. Benefits of Freedom eWARE include: • Full Transparency Into Manufacturing Processes & Financials • Visualization, Reports, & Analytics for Key Manufacturing Metrics • Asset Agnostic