# 303
3D PDF Product Description 3D PDF is a secure and reliable utility which can be used to automatically generate MIL-STD-31000-compliant TDP's. Companies that are implementing MBE strategies are finding 3D PDF to be valuable in transmitting TDP's internally and to suppliers because of its extensibility and flexibility. 3D PDF, an ISO Standard, complements other standards and if needed, even STEP and JT models can be encapsulated within the 3D PDF files. To aid in re-purposing Product Information throughout the enterprise, 3D PDF contains the following: • Audio and Video Support • Javascript Support • Document-based representation • Comments, Watermarks, and Navigation • Combined metadata, unstructured data, and geometry • Digital Signatures and Security • Forms-based Processing • Universal Clients Since 3D PDF contains all these features and because 3D PDF is already contained within PDF, it is possible for large and small companies to implement the technology at a minimum cost.