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2015 Exhibit Presales

Exhibit Presales for 2015 are online now! View the 2015 Exhibit Hall Map.

Exhibitor applications must include a deposit of at least 50% of the total amount of booth rental. Final payments are due within 45 days of application submittal.

2014 Exhibit Sales

We hope you will find the DMSMS 2014 Conference and Exhibits both informative and beneficial to your organization. Exhibit sales for DMSMS 2014 are being conducted online. When picking your space(s), it is important to pick at least 3 choices in the event that your first choice has already been assigned.

Booth Rental Presale Rate: $2,700 per 10'x10')

Booth Space Includes:

Due to the rules and regulations, if an Exhibitor must cancel their booth space or a portion of their booth space after acceptance of the application, booth fees are non-refundable.