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Puris, LLC specializes in spherical Titanium powder and near-net shape parts. Thanks to our patent-pending all-Titanium refractory-free atomizer, we offer the purest powder in the world with a capacity much larger than our competitors. Our powders are spherical in shape, free flowing and have a high packing density. It is being used in demanding industries such as aerospace, medical, energy, and motor sports. Puris also manufactures near-net shape parts out of any material with our ExOne binder jet printers as well as our patented Shaped Hot Isostatic Pressed Process (SHIP2) for large components. Finally, Puris offers a suite of patented material technologies including eTi, TMC, and SM-100. Puris operates out of a state-of-the art 55,000 square foot building and is ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified. Visit us at