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Janicki Industries (Janicki) is a leading supplier of composite tools, prototypes and parts. Janicki excels at design/build projects that push the envelope in the use of advanced composite materials, exotic metals and manufacturing processes. Janicki is known throughout the industry for proprietary, large-scale, high-precision 5-axis NC mills. Janicki is a full service engineering company serving the Aerospace, Marine, Energy, Space and Transportation industries. Core Capabilities Engineering Design & Analysis Composite and Metal Manufacturing Large-scale, High-Precision Projects Project / Program Management Research & Development Products Production Parts & Prototypes Composite Cauls Machined Syntactic Putty Patterns & Molds 160°F / 250°F / 350°F Composites Machined Core Materials Layup Molds in Invar, Aluminum & Steel Fiber Reinforced Plastic Trim & Drill Fixtures Metal / Composite Hybrid Tools Custom Fixtures & Assemblies