# 110
Elevate Systems provides engineering services for the federal and commercial sectors. We specialize in legacy weapon systems & support equipment sustainment and engage when our clients do not have the technical data required to acquire assets to support the aging fleets. Elevate Systems is manufacturer "agnostic" when it comes to the identification and qualification of new sources of supply. We utilize additive manufacturing (3D) technologies in our design work which has been primarily for the Department of Defense specifically supporting the Air Force Cargo Fleet along with special mission areas for the other services. Most recently, Elevate Systems reverse engineered a radar blower motor assembly for the B-52 Stratofortress and provided the Air Force with 5 zero time assets which included a 3D printed impeller along with 100% of the technical data developed, all drawings and 3D models as well as Technical Order updates. Our client has total access and use of the TDP.