# 109
TFP are a leading manufacturer of advanced nonwovens with over 27 years experience in developing materials for composites. Optiveil™ & Optimat® ranges provide an effective and customizable means of applying surface engineering to composites and are compatible for use with all major composite fabrication techniques. These products deliver a high quality surface finish whilst imparting functionality such as conductivity, EMI shielding and corrosion & abrasion resistance. Applications for Optiveil™ include adhesive carriers & fracture toughness improvement. The Tecnofire® range provides highly effective passive fire protection for composites without compromising structural integrity. TFP prides itself on technical expertise and novel process capability, enabling them to offer the world's broadest range of nonwovens (including carbon, aramid, glass, polyester, thermoplastic & metal-coated materials) and the ability to customize products to meet specific customer requirements.