# 101
Sciperio will demonstrate next generation RF devices including antennas utilizing 3D printing. The advantage of this approach is a functional structure that can serve as the body of a UAV and also utilizes that body for a Phased Array Antenna. Next generation electronic packaging will replace the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with Printed Circuit Structures (PCS). PCS can be made from a variety of plastics and composites including 3D printed carbon composite. Within these composites lies sensors, electronics, batteries and antennas. These 3D printed functional structures are made with a next generation 3D Printer that is combined with Printed Electronics or Direct printing and done on a single platform. Complex actives such as microcontrollers or FPGA can be placed in the structure and directly printed to, also on the same platform. These platforms are equipped with vision and scanning for in situ analysis of the build. A factory in a tool, the next generation of manufacturing.