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DMSMS and Manufacturing Readiness

The DMSMS conference planning committee is seeking conference papers that explore DMSMS impacts on Producibility and Manufacturing Readiness. Manufacturing Readiness Assessments (MRAs) examine 9 areas or “threads” and 22 sub-threads that outline risk areas in manufacturing ( These areas include Technology and Industrial Base, Design, Cost and Funding, Materials, Process Capability and Control, Quality Management, Manufacturing Workforce, Facilities, and Manufacturing Management.  

Papers that discuss the Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) numbers such as MRL 6, MRL 8, MRL 9, etc. are discouraged. The focus of this track is not about determining the MRL number, but rather about ensuring that processes and management methods are in place, and that they mature throughout the acquisition lifecycle - from Pre Material Solution Analysis through Full Rate Production.

Papers are encouraged which address topics related to supply chain risks that impact producibility and manufacturing readiness, as well as new and innovative approaches to system design that would reduce adverse impacts of obsolescence and new manufacturing methods that create obsolete parts. Papers should link DMSMS impacts and considerations to any of the 22 Manufacturing Readiness sub-thread risk areas.

Possible topics include but are not be limited to:

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