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Material Shortages and Raw Materials

Materials are a core element of every DoD Electronic and Mechanical system. If raw materials cannot be obtained that meet the given cost, schedule and quality constraints the equipment or component cannot be manufactured. With the ever-increasing growth of the world’s population and ever-depleting natural resources, obtaining adequate material supply will be increasingly challenging for the DoD.

The DMSMS Committee is looking for presentations that will discuss these challenges facing the DoD and provide possible solutions in regards to securing robust and continued supply of raw materials, their processing and the effects on the US and Government Industry Bases. Material supply areas to be considered include (but not limited to): rare earth alloys, Conflict Minerals, lead free solder, polymer matrix composites, supply of additive raw material stock, castings, forgings and others. Additionally, presentations should consider the DMSMS practitioner and ways to help them proactively respond to material’s availability issues for their respective systems.

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