# 913
LSP Technologies' laser peening and laser bond inspection improve the endurance, performance, and safety of OEM products. LSP Technologies is the premier provider of laser peening services and equipment in the world. LSP Technologies' affordable and effective LaserPeen™ process of metal surface enhancement significantly increases component fatigue life and strength. LSP Technologies has laser peened many tens-of-thousands of components for OEMs in the aerospace and power generation industries. The NDT Laser Bond Inspection detects kissing bonds and interrogates an adhesively bonded structure's bond strength. LSP Technologies is also an innovative engineering company providing laser research and development for industry and military, such as successfully field demonstrating a land mine neutralization burst laser for the U.S. Army. LSP Technologies' customers include small to large OEMs in aerospace, power generation, forging, and other industries, as well as U.S. military. (Booth #913)