# 909
Munro and Associates, Inc. is a unique consulting company with an extraordinary breadth of capability and has developed brand methodologies such as Lean Design® and Design for Manufacturability (DFM®). Munro has developed advanced calculations for cost estimating, carbon footprint, confidence indexes, producibility indexes and hundreds more. Munro also maintains a knowledge vault with tooling data, machining data, process data, cost data, materials data, component data, supplier sources and much more. Munro is an engineering company, a benchmarking and innovation company, and a program management company capable of bringing product from concept to FRP that is affordable and producible. Regardless of the system, Munro focuses on the needs of all the stakeholders as early as the proposal stage and identifies where cost, quality, producibility, sustainability, maintenance, etc., can be minimized or removed altogether through technology, innovation, and simpler architectures.