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EOS Solutions is a global source for 3D PDF software and customized Adobe Acrobat plug-ins. 3D PDF documents promote unparalleled collaboration throughout organizations and their supply chain, allowing users to convert 3D CAD data from every major format into universally accessible 3D PDF documents. EOS Solutions is a leader in Model Based Enterprise (MBE) initiatives and provides software and services for the creation of Technical Data Packages, Shop Floor work instructions, maintenance manuals, etc. - all of which can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader. EOS Solutions is also a world leader in 4D simulations which allow organizations to analyze the economic and operational impact of volatile resources and unpredictable events within complex systems. Led by the world's foremost experts in systems modeling, our customized user interface puts actionable intelligence in the right hands and allows for dynamic cross-functional collaboration and assists in the creation of lean processes.