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Track 5


Call for Presentation Abstracts

Counterfeit Materiel pose a significant threat in the global supply chain and the U.S. Department of Defense.  Counterfeits contribute to equipment failures and malfunctions that cause mission failures, health and safety concerns and could jeopardize national security. The counterfeit issue is magnified as material becomes obsolete and an increasing number of companies outsource portions or all of their assemblies and services to reduce labor, overhead and capital expenditures, and oversight becomes clouded or is nonexistent in the supply chain due to the lack of traceability.  This conference will provide a forum for individuals to provide standardization policies, procedures, guidance, and tools that help to mitigate the occurrences of counterfeit Materiel.

Presentations are sought from the following individuals:

  • Counterfeit Part subject matter experts knowledgeable in planning and execution of counterfeit parts control plans who is able to provide insight on how a program can manage risks associated with counterfeit parts effectively and affordably;
  • Supply chain subject matter experts knowledgeable in the complexities of the global supply chain and who can offer solutions to address the counterfeit threat;
  • Solution providers for product authentication tools, techniques, and tracking mechanisms for both new product and legacy inventory;
  • Program managers or individuals who provide direct support at the program management level who is able to provide insight to the risks and challenges faced by the program office with respect to counterfeit electronic parts, mechanical parts, raw material, and materiel.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • DMSMS, Lead-Free, and REACH impact on counterfeit materiel and contribution of diminishing supplies on the risks of using counterfeits.
  • Supply chain best practices, policies, procedures, standards developed, implemented and lessons learned to mitigate counterfeiting;
  • National and International efforts from enforcement agencies addressing the counterfeit epidemic;
  • Current and proposed government policy, requirements, and procedures to mitigate counterfeiting;
  • Law and Contracts special considerations, best practices, and contract negotiations to address counterfeiting;
  • Test, inspection, and reliability policies, procedures, and best practices to mitigate counterfeiting.   The scope of commodities reviewed includes Materiel;
  • New tools and methods for counterfeit detection and avoidance;
  • Special considerations and impact of counterfeits on Repair & Overhaul (R&O) and performance-based life-cycle product support (PBL);

Please submit abstracts and panel proposals for this track here: Submit

Please direct any questions on this track to: Chair