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Track 3

DMSMS at the Program Management and Enterprise Levels

Call for Presentation Abstracts

Today's program managers are finding it increasingly difficult to adequately attain a high-level view of the DMSMS impacts to DoD systems within their purview. As DoD weapon systems and platform life requirements are extended, it becomes increasingly more important to integrate the knowledge base of DMSMS expertise, stream line processes, standardize management methodologies, and eliminate duplication of effort. Further, high-level collaboration, direction, and support are imperative to ensuring that these actions take place with respect to DMSMS Management. This track will provide a forum to increase awareness and knowledge of risks and infrastructure needs, as well as address challenges that program managers face with respect to proactive DMSMS management and mitigation. In addition, this track encourages decision makers at the program level to provide insight to the DMSMS community on their needs by discussing best practices, lessons learned, case studies, and success stories with respect to DMSMS Management at a program or enterprise level.

Presentations are sought from the following individuals:

  • DMSMS subject matter experts with experience implementing comprehensive and proactive DMSMS Management Infrastructure for a program or enterprise who is able to provide insight on how a program can manage risks associated with DMSMS effectively and affordably.
  • Program Managers or individuals who provide direct support at the program management level and is able to provide insight to the risks and challenges faced by the program office with respect to DMSMS, Parts Management, and Standardization by sharing best practices, lessons learned, case studies, or success stories.
  • Individuals with experience or knowledge of using Value Engineering Change Proposals to mitigate DMSMS issues.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • DMSMS Planning and Budgeting
  • Obtaining funding to resolve DMSMS related issues
  • Use of Value Engineering Change Proposals to fund DMSMS solution Costs.
  • Pragmatic approaches to establishing Return on Investment (ROI) to justify funding a proactive DMSMS Management Program or build a business case.
  • The role of DMSMS on Supportability Teams
  • Use of contract vehicles for establishing and requiring DMSMS Management.
  • Risk and Challenges throughout the acquisition lifecycle with respect to DMSMS, Parts Management, and Standardization.
  • Developing enterprise approaches for DMSMS Management and Parts Management policies, procedures, and standards.
  • Leveraging commonalities and teaming opportunities across systems, platforms, and activities.
  • Knowledge sharing of DMSMS expertise and data

Please submit abstracts and panel proposals for this track here: Submit

Please direct any questions on this track to: Chair