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Track 1

DMSMS Topics for Newcomers

Call for Presentation Abstracts

Proactive planning, process implementation, part monitoring, data analysis, and resolution implementation are all necessary to mitigate the impacts of DMSMS and obsolescence in efforts to reduce TLCM costs. This track will discuss necessary data inputs, DMSMS Management processes, and DMSMS management products that are required to implement an effective DMSMS program. In addition, this track will provide a knowledge base of supply solutions for legacy systems, microelectronics, and materials.

Presentations are sought from the following individuals:

  • DMSMS subject matter experts knowledgeable in planning and execution of proactive DMSMS management
  • Users or providers within the government or industrial base who participate in any aspect of legacy system supply
  • Government, commercial, or defense industry members who participate in any aspect of the microelectronics supply chain or the materials supply chain

Possible topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Obtaining or developing a useful Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Obtaining Technical Data Rights
  • Use of predictive tools, logistics tools, and data management tools
  • DMSMS Data Management Best Practices
  • DMSMS Management Processes and DMSMS Management Process Outputs
  • Addressing nuances associated with sustainment and DMSMS Management of varying equipment types, (i.e., Custom-built, COTS, Software, Firmware, and Mechanical Systems)
  • Developing methodologies for resolution of DMSMS issues
  • Choosing, collecting, and using metrics to measure DMSMS Program effectiveness
  • Development and sustainment of an effective DMSMS workforce
  • Government Industrial Base Supply Solutions
  • Microelectronic Supply Solutions
  • Material Supply Solutions

Please submit abstracts and panel proposals for this track here: Submit

Please direct any questions on this track to: Chair